So, what’s Project Naptural?

Project Naptural (nappy+natural) is the result of a design research thesis that studies in what ways design can assist in overcoming the negative perceptions Black women come to know about their naturally afro-textured hair. Project Naptural is an initiative for awareness, connection and the overall empowerment of Black women with naptural hair. This cultural issue has been brought to the forefront with the Natural Hair Movement (not just a fashion trend) and combined with primary research (interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc.), Terresa Hardaway, MFA has found a need for free knowledge about the many aspects of caring for and styling Black naptural hair. She has created a connective system in which this free knowledge may exists and empower Black women to live life napturally in both a physical space (The Nap Network 1.0: The Art Exhibition) and coming soon to a cyber space (The Nap Network 2.0: The Mobile Application).

About the Researcher

Terresa is a Christian, professor, design researcher, community empowered and napturalista! She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design with a minor in African-American Studies from the University of North Texas in 2008. She worked as a professional apparel and graphic designer at a firm that designed for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and NCAA for close to six years. During that time, she pursued her graduate degree from the University of North Texas and completed her Master of Fine Arts degree inDesign Research with a minor in Anthropology in December of 2015. She is currently an adjunct design professor at UNT in both the fashion and communication design departments. She is also the program lead for the department of design at Brown Mackie College. She teaches technical classes on a volunteer basis at Covenant Church and continues to freelance as a professional designer when she finds the time. She has been wearing her naptural hair since October 2012 and loves inspiring women and men to get to know their β€œnaptural” self because she/he keeps it very real.